Champagne, anyone?

I was a little drunk when we pictured this outfit(and so was the man behind the camera), so we ended up picturing me rather than the outfit... Funny how a bit of alcohol is boosting the confidence on photos! I should make it a new tradition: a glass of champagne before each photoshoot! 

Feeling like a Princess

One of my best purchase from Nepal; actually a present from my husband who picked the outfit for me! <3 It's amazing how comfortable it is, and it's so beautiful too!


After a much needed vacation in Nepal and a new hair color, I am finally back on blogging!
Life has been very exciting lately, between my vacation, some long-time challenges fulfilled, new friendships, new projects... This week I also had the chance to be invited to the concert of Carla Bruni  - although I didn't like a too political atmosphere (but I guess this is what happened when you are the wife of former French President...), I've always liked her poetic songs. But the highlight of this week was without a doubt to see the Prodigy here in Tel Aviv! I would have enjoyed if it would have last longer, but it was an amazing show, and I'm so glad and thankful that my love bought us tickets!

The dress I am wearing here is one of the best pieces from Castro summer collection (If you live here, you probably saw this dress at every bus stops). I always had a thing for white dresses, and after buying them over the years, I gathered a nice collection of them. So expect to see them soon on the blog, and for now, i wish you all an amazing Sunday!

Carla Bruni in Tel Aviv

Carla Bruni in Tel Aviv

In less than 2 weeks, Carla Bruni will be in Tel Aviv for her first concert in Israel.
On May 25th, she will perform in the prestigious Habima theater.
Of course, I'll be there! 
If you love beautiful and poetic French songs, you should definitely attend Carla' show! You can buy ticket online here.

Dans moins de 2 semaines, le 25 Mai exactement, Carla Bruni va se produire pour la premiere fois en Israel, au prestigieux Habima Theater.
Si vous aimez la chanson francaise et les paroles poetiques de Carla Bruni, c'est un concert a ne pas manquer!
Pour acheter vos billets en ligne, suivez ce lien! :) 

Nepal part I - Kathmandu

I came back few days ago from the beautiful and colorful Nepal. I had such a great time there  with my love, and I came back home with amazing memories. And photos. So here you go with our pics from Kathmandu.