Feeling like a unicorn

When I bought this dress a couple months ago, I didn't know when I would wear it, but it didn't matter anyway, it had to be mine! But that invitation to a wedding, only 2 weeks later, gave me the perfect retroactive excuse to give my husband: 'see! I knew I had to buy it!'. And indeed, this dress was the perfect one to attend a wedding. 
I paired it up with my gorgeous Christmas balls kinda earrings and simple yet classy heels - black, obviously.

This wedding was so much fun and happiness! And apparently, I ended up really drunk, putting a balloon on my head and claiming that I was a unicorn. OMG, I so need to put my hands on this video and destroy it, and see how ridiculous I was! And if you ask nicely, I might consider sharing it with you! :)

Dress and earrings: H&M. Shoes: Zara.

Kitty ears, anyone?

You gotta love this kitty ears fascinator!
Have an amazing week! :)

Dress, hat & glasses: H&M, shoes: Zara.

Sunday inspiration - AD Russia

My heart just missed a beat as I was discovering those gorgeous photos from AD Russia! The combination of prints and color is perfect and enhanced by the beauty and glow of the model.
I particularly love how the fabrics folds create new textures and patterns, and the dialogue that takes place between each elements of these works of art. Simply beautiful!

Photographer Olga Tuponogova Volkova
Stylist: Natalia Obukhov 
Model: Keshia Asiedu