Fall colors

Mi-September, and the temperature is eventually starting to cool down. I love fall, when new colors and materials are entering my wardrobe :)

Overall: Topshop, Tee: H&M, Shoes: Zara.

Blue stripes and new challenges

Loving those high waisted pants from Zara, one of my best finds during the summer sales. This outfit has become one of my favorite office outfits, and I'm happy to say that I'm getting used to my new job and I'm glad for all the great people that i have met the last weeks! 
And now that one change is becoming routine, life keeps on bringing me new challenges! This weekend I found out that I had to start looking for a new apartment. Stressing days ahead... Oh well, Life always knows how to keep me busy!
Have a great week!

Memories of August

September is already here, and before jumping into this new month, I wanted to look back at August before saying a proper goodbye.
This summer has been uneasy and sometimes even really hard. My husband was at the army for a month and it was not always easy to find a balance between trying not to worry too much for him, running to the shelter from time to time, and trying my best to continue a life as normal as possible. 
August was also a month of changes, and I eventually had the strenght to leave my job which was a tough decision. I just now started something new, and my training time is definitely putting me in the 'Back to School' mood of September.
Of course I took some days off in the meanwhile, and with my love we decided to spend some days in Eilat where we enjoyed good food and shopping (well, at least for me). But the highlight of these short but needed vacations was definitely to dive with dolphins, and to finish the day snorkeling.

Champagne, anyone?

I was a little drunk when we pictured this outfit(and so was the man behind the camera), so we ended up picturing me rather than the outfit... Funny how a bit of alcohol is boosting the confidence on photos! I should make it a new tradition: a glass of champagne before each photoshoot! 

Feeling like a Princess

One of my best purchase from Nepal; actually a present from my husband who picked the outfit for me! <3 It's amazing how comfortable it is, and it's so beautiful too!