My Travel and Culture Blog

The Leopardlegs adventures are not over, but I as I am to travel Asia for several months, I am moving to a new blog about traveling and travel tips, culture, local clothes and food.

The LeopardLegs is still here although not updated for now, but I might be back sooner than you think!

Please feel free to visit to find out about local clothes, where to find them, and what they mean for the culture they are from. I can guarantee that you will love it!

Wordpress or Blogger - that is the question

I wrote about it last week - time has come for changes on the blog.
One of the things that I really am considering - should I move from Blogger to Wordpress? 
I've been thinking about it for some years now, but somehow I never had the courage to do it - mostly from fear that I would lose my content, my followers, the design of the blog... I think using Wordpress would give me more flexibility in the design, and the ability to create more interactive content, so maybe it is time to jump into deep water?
If anyone already did this move, I would love to hear your feedback! :)