Wordpress or Blogger - that is the question

I wrote about it last week - time has come for changes on the blog.
One of the things that I really am considering - should I move from Blogger to Wordpress? 
I've been thinking about it for some years now, but somehow I never had the courage to do it - mostly from fear that I would lose my content, my followers, the design of the blog... I think using Wordpress would give me more flexibility in the design, and the ability to create more interactive content, so maybe it is time to jump into deep water?
If anyone already did this move, I would love to hear your feedback! :)

Blogging. Or not?

I have been a terrible blogger lately, posting every now and then, sometimes less than once per month... I've tried being more active on instagram, but it's not the same.
The thing is, I'm having a 'blogging crisis'. Not that I don't want to blog anymore, but I find the way I blog... well, boring. I'm mean, it's great to share my outfits, and sometimes, I like to explore the Archive section - aka the Time machine! It's really cool and fun to see how my style (and my hair!) has evolved over the past years. 
The questions I've been turning in my head was: what can I do to make myself and my readers more excited about my content? Giving up on the outfit - no way! But perhaps posting less and sharing with you only my fav ones. 
Getting back on the interviews and the sketches - definitely! Not to mention the DIY that are time consuming yet my favorite section on the blog.
I'm thinking of a lot more ideas, although I may not have the time for most of them. Maybe adding a new section about the best places to shop/ eat & drink... 

What do you think? Any idea or feedback is welcome!

Alexander Wang x H&M

Alexander Wang and H&M announced their collaboration back in April, and since then I've been dying to see how this capsule collection would turn out.
The lookbook is eventually out , and my expectations for an edgy sporty look are not disappointed. I just love the silhouettes, with a special crush for the cropped bra-top and the thick sweatshirts.
And if after hours waiting in line I can put my hands on only one piece, may it be this fabulous bra!

The collection will hits store on November 6th, including Tel Aviv/ Azrieli mall. The countdown has begun!

Photos: Courtesy of H&M

Pink for Fall

I Love my DIY flower crown. I admit that I thought people would stare at me in the street, thinking why the f**k am I wearing all these flowers in my hair (like I care anyway...) But I was actually surprised that so many girls asked me where they can buy the crown or simply wanted to tell me how beautiful it is. It made me wonder if I should start making more of these hair ornaments and sell them. What do you think?

אני אוהבת את נזר הפרחים שעשיתי. אני מודה שחשבתי שאנשים יסתכלו עליי ברחוב במחשבה של למה לעזעזל היא עם הפרחים בשיער (כאילו אכפת לי...) אבל הופתעתי שהרבה בנות שאלו אותי איפה הן יכולות לקנות כתר כזה או רק רצו להגיד לי כמה זה יפה. זה גרם לתהות אם אני צריכה להכין עוד עיטורים לשיער   ולמכור אותם. מה אתם חושבים? ל 

Pants & Top: H&M, Flower crown: DIY

Fall colors

Mi-September, and the temperature is eventually starting to cool down. I love fall, when new colors and materials are entering my wardrobe :)

Overall: Topshop, Tee: H&M, Shoes: Zara.